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  • Move, sleep, eat: tips for aging well

    Who wants to live forever? If it means yachting round the world, like those super-healthy specimens in adverts aimed at older people, sure; but ...

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  • World Cerebral Palsy Day - 5 October 2016


    What is Cerebral Palsy

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  • 1 October - 2017 SASP Membership OPENS

    2017 SASP membership Renewal and New Registration will open on the 1 October 2017. Continue reading

  • National Physiotherapy BackWeek & World Physiotherapy Day

    National Physiotherapy BackWeek is on between the 5th - 11th September.
    World Physiotherapy Day is on the 8th September.

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  • Is that bag too heavy? Protect your child from back pain!

    No child should suffer from back pain, should they? And yet a startling number do, notes the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP). As we he...

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  • Attention Non Members - SASP 2017 membership registration opens 1 October 2016

    Dear Physiotherapy Colleague,

    Registration for 2017 SA Society of Physiotherapy membership will open on the 1 October 2016.

    The SA Society of Physiotherapy has thus far had a very successful year due in large part to our new members...

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  • Got the Pokémon neck?

    So you got Squirtle and Balbasaur and you’re about to reach level 10? Good for you!

    Now here’s the question: How’s your neck?

    One BIG thing t...

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  • Do you want RICE or MEAT with your injury?

    New research shifts perspectives on treating acute sports injuries

    Every journey to fitness or sports excellence is milestoned by injuries – ...

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  • How high heels can hurt you

    Get the Lowdown…

    …on how high heels can hurt you

    High heels (anywhere from 4 cm to 13 cm) have a wonderful impact on a woman’s appearance –...

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  • Red, Amber, Green!

    So you’ve started running, gym or even walking – because any movement is good for health. But how do you know if what you’re doing is too much? Ria Sande...

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