Your General Executive Committee members:

Chairman: Kate Cason
Deputy Chairman: Kerry-Ann Phillips 
Treasurer: Shane Brassell 
Public Relations & Marketing Officer: Melissa Rijs

Your Provincial Branches:

To be posted later

Aim of the Paediatrics SIG:

The Paediatrics SIG aims to provide an interactive platform for the promotion and enhancement of paediatric physiotherapy in various fields of practice (neurodevelopmental, respiratory & orthopaedics) at a provincial and national level within the SASP and in the public domain. Our focus is to grow and protect our field of interest within the profession as well as support and raise awareness on paediatric specific topics and causes in the community. Furthermore we strive to assist our members with evidence-based practice guidelines, position papers, educational materials and paediatric specific continued professional development (CPD) activities.

What are the advantages of the Paediatrics SIG membership?

  • Having active representation on various SASP and International committees to affect change, promote inclusion and growth of paediatric physiotherapy within the profession
    • Access to an active social network platform for discussions, support, information sharing etc. 
    • Reduced/discounted course fees for all CPD talks/courses hosted by Paediatrics SIG GEC and our provincial branches.
    • Membership of the WCPT interest group, International Organisation for Paediatric Physical Therapists (IOPTP).
    • Access to various paediatric specific educational materials (pamphlets, handouts and promotional items)
    • Access to the Paediatrics SIG Facebook Group to get the latest news and updates whilst interacting with members in discussions and sharing ideas and experiences

Paediatrics SIG Educational material available to members:

  • Making Exercise Fun Bookmarks (part of Physiotherapy week) 
    Promoting exercise & movement in a fun and visual way
    • Neurodevelopment/Milestones pamphlets from birth to pre-school: 
    Provides typical milestones and tips/ideas for parents/carers for babies (0-18m), toddlers (2-3y and 3-4y) and pre-school (4-5y and 5-6y)
    • Respiratory Physiotherapy for babies and kids 
    Educate parents/carers on the respiratory system, various conditions and Physiotherapy interventions available
    • Understanding Children's Rights
    A basic guide for parents and health professionals on the implications of current legislation of the rights of children in the health care and therapeutic setting.



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