This SASP Public Sector Committee looks after the well-being of the Physiotherapists, Community Service Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants/ Technicians employed by the Government, Special Schools and Universities, through representatives in all provinces.
The chair represents the SASP on the National Physiotherapy Forum.


• To promote the SASP and gain more public sector members for the SASP;
• To provide continuous support to the community service physiotherapists in conjunction with the Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) to provide opportunities for Public sector physiotherapists to attend CPD courses.
• To motivate for more posts to be filled and for the improvement of salaries;
• To improve communication with the private sector due to the increasing demand on the public sector as Medical Aid benefits decrease;
• To improve communication with the National Department of Health (NDOH);
• To establish the role of Physiotherapy in HIV/AIDS; Primary Health Care and Rural Rehabilitation
• To assist Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants/Technicians with courses and in-service training sessions for CPD points
• Assist the Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) with the compilation of Clinical Guidelines for the SASP and contribute by determining the most commonly seen conditions in the public sector


National Executive Committee - Mrs Sulochana Naidoo
Eastern Cape - Sidarshia Govender
Free State - Koos Bierman
Gauteng North - Vacant
Gauteng South - Tracey Bulmer ; Marelee Fourie
KZN - Sulochana Naidoo
Limpopo - Louisa Kirsten
Mpumalanga - Anneli Wiltshire
Northern Cape - Miriam Steinberg
North West - Nosipho Zumana
Western Cape - Sameer Rahim