Keep your cool in 30+ weather and keep moving

• Research shows that cooling your body before exercise improves your performance. Immersion in cold water is tops, but don’t waste water! Opt for an ice-cold slurry drink instead.

• Be aware that some medications can affect your ability to cool down or may make you heat up more – for example, diuretics (to release water), antihypertensives (blood pressure pills), and anticholinergics.

• Hydrate – that’s the word. It is especially important to drink sufficient fluids during very hot weather. However, bear two things in mind: it can be dangerous to drink too much water or fluid – don’t drink to discomfort. And choose the temperature of water (icy, cool, tepid or warm) that relieves your thirst best.

• Find out where your closest swimming pool is (in a gym or a municipal facility) and nip out at lunch time for a swimming session – even 15 minutes daily would help keep your cool while keeping fit!

• Work at a desk job? Negotiate with your employer to change your hours of work if possible. You’re more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you can run, cycle or walk before the sun’s fully up.

Check with your physiotherapist on your fitness to exercise in heat.