No pain this winter!

Don’t let cold weather slow you down

Cold weather causes blood vessels and muscles to contract. The result is often pain or discomfort. Take action to keep going at full speed in winter.

  • Dress in layers. Rather get too warm and have to peel off a layer than be cold all day long.
  • Keep moving! Don’t give up on your exercise programme – it will keep your body functioning and better able to fight the impact of cold weather.
  • Make strategic use of hot-water bottles or heatable cushions, in and out of bed, to target spots where your body is susceptible to pain, such as the lower back or neck.
  • Ask your physiotherapist for movements and stretches which target your specific sensitive spots, and do them daily to keep pain at bay.
  • Top and tail – keep your head and feet warm. Cold and heat are perceptions in your brain. Keeping your head and feet warm tells the brain that there’s no need to go into saviour mode and start you shivering and aching!