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  • Brain Break - Reboot brain and body

    Reboot brain and body

    For 2019’s National Physiotherap...

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  • Brain Break - Should I take exercise breaks at work?

    Should I take exercise breaks at work?

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  • No pain this winter!

    No pain this winter!

    Don’t let cold weather slow you down

    Cold weather causes bl...

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  • Get moving these holidays!

    Get moving these holidays!

    Stuck inside? That’s no way to spend your winter school holidays!...

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  • Hand in Hand with the SASP

    Hand in Hand with the South African Society of Physiotherapy...

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  • Ready to move?

    Ready to move?

    Shoulder pain, a bout of infection o...

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  • Born to move

    Born to move

    Why we celebrate Movement for Good Heal...

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  • Election Fever

    Election fever: how stressed are you?

    Election news, ele...

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  • Perform at your best!

    Perform at your best!

    Do you wanna dance?

    Balance leads to pe...

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  • Don’t hold your breath

    Don’t hold your breath

    Give your brain the oxygen it needs!

    If you wa...

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