The CPRG is a special interest group of the SASP, which aims to build an environment in which physiotherapists and other interested professionals (and experts) can interact to promote and enhance cardiopulmonary care for acute and chronic conditions. The group advocates evidence-based practice and emphasises continued education to encourage members to become leaders in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation field.  

We strive to:

  • Establish a reliable evidence-based knowledge base for cardiopulmonary patient assessment and care.
  • Promote learning in our members through courses, discussion evenings, lectures, and interaction with other professions.
  • Establish and maintain national and international relationships with other individuals and organisations with similar interests.
  • Act in the best interest of:
  • Patients receiving physiotherapy for cardiopulmonary conditions
  • Members of the CPRG
  • Physiotherapy as a profession
  • Comply with the regulations of the SASP and the HPCSA.


- Access to apply for funding sponsored by CPRG for post graduate studies and congress attendance.

- Community service physiotherapists have a direct communication link to a senior physiotherapist via our CPRG Buddy system, should they have any cardiorespiratory related queries during their community service year.

- All members receive CPRG general newsletters and educational newsletters via email.  These newsletters includes recent research or current topics of interest and information regarding national and international symposiums and congresses.

- All members have access to subsidised memberships with 2 acclaimed societies namely CCSSA and ICCrPT:

  • 50% off Critical Care Society of Southern Africa (CCSSA) membership fee.
  • Automatic membership to International Confederation of Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapists (ICCrPT) and access to their newsletters.
  • CPRG members can register free for online lectures through the SASP website

GEC MEMBERS (all can be contacted via the secretary)

Chair:  Lizl van Heerden
Past chair and Education:  Alison Lupton-Smith
Secretary:  Jacqui Schewitz
Treasurer:  Michele Lottering  
Marketing:  Rene Seale
Research:  Anri Human

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