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  • Stroke survivors: What’s next?

    So you’ve had a stroke or a transient ischaemic attack (TIA – a mini-stroke), and walked away without any ...

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  • Fit and flexible

    It’s World Bone and Joint Week from 12-20 October. Some advice from the South African Society of P...

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  • Professor Witness Mudzi takes the reins at the South African Society of Physiotherapy

    September 2017 has seen a change of guard at the South African Society of Physiotherapy, the society which l...

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  • Safer streets

    SA Society of Physiotherapy calls for better protection for walkers and runners

    Did you...

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  • Let’s claim back our public spaces!

    SA Society of Physiotherapy calls for community engagement to protect people exercising in the outdoors

    On Friday nights, a bunch of young men rock...

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  • Free to be active: Take back our streets!

    A woman out walking the dogs i...

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  • Head for relief

    How many types of headaches are there?

    That’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ kind of question. Ask five experts and they’ll give you five differ...

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  • What does cervical cancer feel like?

    This scourge of ...

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  • Prevent brain drain!

    Keep brains healthy with exercise

    You invest a lot in your employees; your people are your biggest asset, isn’t that right?

    So what’s...

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  • Beyond the six-pack: health tips for men

    Why men’s health physiotherapy matters

    If you read the covers of health magazines aimed at men, you’d be forgiven for thinking that male health is all about a...

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