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  • Got the Pokémon neck?

    So you got Squirtle and Balbasaur and you’re about to reach level 10? Good for you!

    Now here’s the question: How’s your neck?

    One BIG thing that...

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  • Do you want RICE or MEAT with your injury?

    New research shifts perspectives on treating acute sports injuries

    Every journey to fitness or sports excellence is milestoned by injuries – th...

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  • How high heels can hurt you

    Get the Lowdown…

    …on how high heels can hurt you

    High heels (anywhere from 4 cm to 13 cm) have a wonderful impact on a woman’s appearance – bu...

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  • Red, Amber, Green!

    So you’ve started running, gym or even walking – because any movement is good for health. But how do you know if what you’re doing is too much? Ria Sanden...

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  • Cerebral Palsy & ABR

    Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood – as many as eight children per hundred are affected in South Africa. For parents, the diagnosis is a difficult pill to swallow and means many years of sacrifice as they seek and manage treatment for their children.
    So it’s l...

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  • Transformation in sport: more than numbers

    Transformation in sport is a perennial hot topic which has gained impetus from the recent announcement by our Minister of Sport blocking cricket, ru...

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  • The physiotherapy way to health for everyone… …whatever their shape or age

    Just do 10 or 20 a day!

    Everyone benefits from moving more, whatever their physical condition, whatever their age.

    “The body is meant ...

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  • Move for your health!

    Move for your health!

    On this Movement for Health Day, South Africa’s physiotherapists suggest enhancing your health by including a little...

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  • SASP Movement for Good Health Photo Challenge

    Win a prize by submitting a photo that best demonstrates "movement for good health" including the daily themed item listed. The daily winner will be announced on th...

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  • Motherhood: It shouldn’t hurt

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    This is the day to celebrate the amazing joy your children bring you. It’s also a day to reflect on the way they pummel...

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