Members of the society can receive discounts from the below list of companies.
Please remember to request your SASP membership discount if you use these companies services.


My Appointment

Online real-time booking platform and mobile app with an optional business management component. If you are interested in adding your business to My Appointment, please email our sales director Shani Ferrer on or call us on 064 871 9414. Click on our logo to be directed to our website. A 16% discount will be offered to all SASP members.



PhysioTools produces exercise software for professionals who need to create exercise programs and information handouts for their clients. Our software may be used from any device with Internet access to create personalised exercise programs with high-quality videos that can be emailed, printed or sent to PT Momentum - the exercise motivator App. This not only helps physiotherapists and other professionals to increase their efficiency, but also to improve customer experience and satisfaction. PhysioTools is easy to use, saves time and gives access to the world’s largest library of exercises, for all areas of the body, created in co-operation with renowned authors, publishers and leading specialists in their field. The exercises may be delivered to clients in up to 28 languages. Click on our logo to be directed to our website A 16% discount will be offered to all SASP members.



PENCIL ME IN™ - A  Smart Booking Solution. Gives you all the benefits of your existing diary and a whole host more! Gives you total control of your bookings and appointments. Gives you total confidentiality for yourself and your customers. No one sees what they shouldn’t, ever! You need an always-on, smart booking service that will never let you down. Easy to schedule, easy to manage, easy to arrange and rearrange and all the tracking and chasing and notifying and reminding is automatically done by the system. You get to set the level of transparency you want your customers to have. Give them the power to see the free time slots and make their own bookings, or you can run it yourself, the choice is yours. Click on our logo to be directed to our website. A 16% discount will be offered to all SASP members.



As your preferred accounting and business advisor, we add value to your business by driving your business forward through partnering with you and focusing on clearly defined growth enablers. As an SASP members you will receive 50% discount on our services. For more information email us at or call us on 021 462 1785