“My concern is that I’m already facing a huge financial debt to complete my studies….one of my parents who was our only breadwinner was dismissed towards the end of last year leaving my household of six in a very difficult situation…my part-time work has had to be relied on even more which barely covers our living expenses” 4th Year student UWC

 “My mother is unemployed having had to look after my grandmother who suffered from Altzheimers. My parents have been struggling to pay my study fees; they tried to get a loan but it was refused” 4th Year student UWC

 "I would really appreciate this bursary because it has not been easy for my single mother …I have a sister (unemployed) and receive no assistance whatsoever from my father whom I have no knowledge of his whereabouts” 3rd year student Wits

 "I was raised in the socially disadvantaged community of Ennerdale however despite this I had a happy upbringing …..I cannot afford the tuition fees as my parents are low income earners and struggle to make  ends meet however hardworking they are…" 2nd year student Wits

These are the students who WE can help with YOUR help!

Who are WE? 

The Education Trust of the South African Society of Physiotherapy is registered as a PBO (A Public Benefit Organization is defined in Section 30 of the Income Tax Act No.58 of 1962) under Section 18A allowing donations and bequests to be exempt from income tax and estate duties.

What do WE do?

Primarily we give financial support to 3rd and 4th (and occasionally 2nd) year physiotherapy students, in the form of bursaries paid directly into their university fee accounts. This takes some of the financial stress off the students (and their parents!) allowing them to focus on their studies. The bursaries are currently set at R20 000 – R30 000pa and in 2020 the Education Trust (1) along with the SASP Marjorie Catt Fund (7) provided a total of 8 bursaries to the value of R240 000 to deserving students.

How to apply for a bursary

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The Education Trust offers partial bursaries to 3rd and 4th year, and in certain circumstances 2nd year, Physiotherapy students.
The applicants need to be members of the SASP. If a bursary is awarded, the recipients must be willing to:
* Mentor other bursary recipients at the same university while still students
* Be a member of the SASP for a minimum of 2 consecutive years after completing their physiotherapy degree and during this time render service on a SASP committee and as a volunteer at SASP events in their region.

Please click here to submit an online application, and click here to access the Bursary application Supporting Documents Form list.
(Please note that applications close on 30 September 2022)


Donations to the Education Trust

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Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Education Trust of the SASP, for which you will receive a tax certificate. Any contribution in the form of a lump sum, monthly transfer or endowment will be accepted with gratitude.

For members of the SASP, we have made it simple for you to donate to the Education Trust. Please log onto the SASP website as a member with your ID and password. Find the Education Trust tab appearing on the left of the page. Choose the subtab ‘Information & Donations’. 

For non-SASP members, and members of the public wishing to make a donation to the Education Trust, please complete the Education Trust: Donor form where you will also find the bank details for the Trust. This completed form can then be sent to trust@saphysio.co.za

“......your valued contribution to my physio studies made a huge difference in MY life but will also have an ongoing positive influence on the wellbeing of my parents, my siblings and the community I hope to serve once I qualify. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!”........a grateful recipient.



​Education Trust: Bursary Application form 2023
Bursary Application Supporting Documents Form
Education Trust: Donor form 
Education Trust: Information on donations



Marlize Marais (Chairman), Neeta Khandoo , Richard O’Callaghan, Veronica Ntsiea, Moira Wilson, Jean Durell