Tips for Covid home-care
Recovering from Covid at home? Your physiotherapist has some key tips for you!

Eat and drink
Your body needs food and water for the immune system to work. Boil an egg or make two-minute noodles, but please eat. Keep something to drink on your bedside table and makes sure you’re well hydrated!

Be prepared
If you’ve just had a positive test, prepare for some bad days when you have low energy: make sure your bedroom is ventilated, that you have books, e-readers or tablets handy and a feeder to dispense food for any pets.

Invest in an oximeter
The oximeter shows the oxygen saturation (‘sats’) in your blood as well as your pulse rate. Check what your sats should be with your doctor; for most people, dropping below 95 is a concern. Call your healthcare provider if you have difficulty breathing, if your symptoms worsen or do not improve.

Keep in touch
Keep your phone charged and close at hand. Stay in touch with a friend, a relative, a colleague; make an agreement that you will call or WhatsApp every day, so that someone is aware if you need help.

Do breathing exercises
The more you can strengthen your diaphragm and improve your breathing, the better you will fare. Ask your physiotherapist for information about simple breathing exercises that will help you breathe better.