The Finance Coordinator chairs the Finance Committee, who is responsible for overseeing the financial management of the SASP. This entails developing, amending and enforcing the financial policies of the SASP with input from the Policy committee and aligning the financial management of the SASP with the SASP Strategic plan. This committee also makes decisions regarding the investment portfolios and accumulated funds of the SASP. The Finance Committee has the final say regarding the expenditure of the SASP and as such determines the annual SASP membership fees through setting the annual SASP budget, which includes the head office budget. In addition to this, the Finance Committee determines the salaries and bonuses of all staff employed by the SASP. The Finance Committee also oversees the provincial, portfolio and SIG finances. The functions of the Finance Committee are done in close collaboration with the NEC, who takes the final decision regarding the finances of the SASP and all SASP Treasurers.