Following the VISION and MISSION, the following strategic plan for 2015-17 was decided on:

Golden threads throughout the strategic plan are to follow sound business ethics, to provide dedicated service to the members of the society, to follow established communication lines and to facilitate transformation and equity in the Society.

The apex priorities of the NEC for 2015 – 2017:

The NEC strives to identify and answer to the needs of the members, including the private and public sector physiotherapists, physiotherapy lecturers, community service physiotherapists and physiotherapy students. We need all committees of the SASP to facilitate this priority,  we need all members to reach out to non-members, and we need all members to realise that in a voluntary members’ society, members themselves are responsible for the society.

The NEC strives to maintain excellence in physiotherapy service. This is amongst others provided by a peer review process, by educating members on ethical issues, by promoting the professional development provided by the SIGs, by accrediting CPD courses, by developing evidence-based practice guidelines, by an accreditation process for practices, and by improving the relationship between clinicians and academics.

The NEC strives to promote the image of the Profession and the SASP by marketing the profession to non-members, medical practitioners and the public. The NEC strives to improve the relationship between the profession and the National Department of Health. The SASP supports the National Health Plan, the National Disability Rights Policy,  and National Health Insurance plan towards accessibility and affordability of healthcare to all in South Africa.